From small, hand crafted wooden ornaments and nesting Santas to 30 inch masterpieces. Each Santa is carved from solid wood and painted in stunning detail with rich designs and beautiful scenes.

Russian Santas to $50
Beautiful and affordable hand crafted, solid wood Santa Claus figures. A wonderful selection of little Christmas treasures.
Russian Santas $50-100
A very popular price range for starting your hand crafted Santa collection. Dozens of unique Russian Santa designs to choose from.
Russian Santas $100-200
Handmade Santas priced from $100 - $200. A Very diverse and large assortment of colorful Russian Santa Claus figures. All hand carved and painted.
Russian Santas $200-400
Priced from $200 to $400 these hand crafted Santas are very detailed and colorful. Ranging from 10-15 inches each Santa is signed by the artist.
Russian Santas $400-1000
$400-$1000 hand crafted Santa carvings. Painted in great detail and signed by the artists. Exceptional, one of a kind Santa carvings.
Russian Santas $1000+
Prices start at $1,000. The most intricate, hand carved and exquisitely painted of all Russian Santas. Large, solid wood, handcrafted family heirlooms.
Wood Santa ornaments
Beautiful hand carved and hand painted Santa ornaments. Solid wood, amazing detail, and ready to grace any Christmas tree.
Nesting Santas
Russian Matryoshka - nesting dolls sets containing from 3-10 individual Santas and figures. Beautifully hand painted and priced from $25.
About Russian Santas
Information about Russian Santa artists, craftsmanship and the history of Russian Santa Claus figures.