Unique, one of a kind, hand crafted wooden Santas. Christmas treasures from some of North Americas most renowned Santa artists. Designed, carved and painted by hand and signed by the artists.

Assorted Carvings
Hand carved wooden Santas from talented carvers throughout the country. Vaughn Rawson, Les Ramsay, Cyndi Joslyn and several more.
Dave Francis
Dave just loves to carve! Canadian to the core, Dave creates new whimsical and fantastic Santa carvings year after year. Ornaments, busts, full-figure Santas - he does it all.
Barbara Scoles
As a Santa artist as well as a collector, Santas have always been Barbara's passion. And it shows in every aspect of her Santas,... carving, painting, beards, faces and eyes.
Russell Scott
Unique and affordable Santa carvings from this talented Minnesota artist. Carved from basswood, painted in acrylics and oils, sized from 6-12 inches.
Joe Land Santas
Meticulously designed and crafted by hand from start to finish. One of a kind Santa creations by Joe Land.
Mark & Janet Klein
Small Santa Claus carvings with the most intricate of detail. Unbelievable 3-6 inch Santas you have to really see up close to fully appreciate.
Paul Green
Paul is our sole Santa carver specializing in cypress knees. He does an amazingly creative job at both the carving and painting of each Santa. Most are 20-24 inches tall!
Ellis Olson
Small, well detailed Santa carvings crafted with 40 years of experience. Clean cuts and finished beautifully.
Susan Mattix
Rarely does one find hand crafted, wooden Father Christmas figures and ornaments with so much detail and expression.
Deborah Call
From Pennsylvania, Deborah has quickly developed an enthusiastic following. Wonderful Santa figures and animal detail that's unbelievable.
James Barr
50 inch to life-sized Santa Claus carvings, all hand crafted and one of a kind. A rarity, but James is a master at carving these catalpa logs.
Debbie Barr
Fun Santa Claus carvings from this Pennsylvania carving instructor. All unique designs and a traditional Santa Claus look.
David Sabol
From the intricately carved animals to Santa's oversized barefeet to his occasional "plumber's crack", there is something for everyone to find enjoyable in David's Santa carvings.
Greg Guedel
Artistic, beautifully designed and hand carved wooden Santa Claus figures by Greg Guedel.